Adventures in Nusantara


‘Adventures in Nusantara’ is the Malay Heritage Centre’s first dedicated space for children aged 3 to 6 years old. Designed based on Hang Nadim, Ali Wallace and Wah Hakim, we hope that children can learn more about Singapore’s history and take away useful learning points from these young characters through active play and exploration.

A reading corner with books from our National Library is also available for children to wind down or delve further into the stories related to, or about Singapore.

The space is designed in conjunction with the special exhibition ‘Seekor Singa, Seorang Putera, dan Sebingkai Cermin: Reflecting and Refracting Singapura’.

We encourage families and teachers to continue the experience in Anjung Gallery, Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.

Educational Resources

You can also explore the special exhibition with one of these educational resources:

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