Lap Lip 2021: Mahkota

Ongoing till 13 June 2021
10AM - 6PM
Admission is free

The Lap Lip installation is an MHC platform where artists are invited to reimagine how the traditional Hari Raya light decorations can be. For this year's installation, MHC has worked with Tina Fund of Space Objekt to bring an immersive and engaging space that draws inspiration from the past and future. The structure is inspired by the architectural landscape of Kampong Gelam, with patterns inspired by Malay motifs designed by local artist Reza Hasni. In the centre of the installation is a space for reflection, with soundscapes that transport visitors to the vibrant bazaars of past Ramadans. Playing on lights and colours, the installation is worthy of social media postings in the day as well as night.

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