Tales of Sang Kancil

Available on SISTIC from 8 October to 31 July 2022. Purchase your tickets here.


Sang Kancil is a small and clever mousedeer who uses its wit and intelligence to triumph over creatures more powerful than itself in the animal kingdom. The Tales of Sang Kancil is a compilation of folktales for children based on adventures of Sang Kancil in the Malay world.

Combining elements from two cultural art forms, Indian Dance (e.g. Bharatanatyam) and Malay Dance (e.g. Inang and Zapin) to depict characters in the forest, this programme comprises  a performance video and two (2) traditional dance workshop videos, The programme is designed for children aged 4-8 years old to experience the various art forms and be introduced to traditional Malay musical instruments.


You will have four (4) times access to the following:

  • One (1) traditional arts performance pre-recorded video– Tales of Sang Kancil (approximately 25-minute duration)

    The production is conceptualised and directed by Osman Abdul Hamid from Era Dance Theatre Ltd and co-choreographed together with Kavitha Krishnan from Maya Dance Theatre Ltd.Performed by professional musicians and dancers from both theatre groups.

  • Two traditional dance workshop pre-recorded video links (20-minute duration each):

    1)   Dancing Anklets – A Bharatanatyam Dance workshop conducted by Maya Dance Theatre Ltd (approximately 15-minute duration)

    Dancing Anklets takes children into the magical world of Indian dance and takes them on a fun-filled journey to understand the gestural language. Children will identify different animals and movements to depict nature like flowers, stream, trees, etc.

    2)   Mari Menari – Let’s Dance workshop conducted by Era Dance Theatre Ltd (approximately 15-minute duration)

    Mari Menari introduces basic Malay dance. Learn the inang movements, which incorporates some familiar gestures like the tumpang lalu (to make way) and petik bunga (picking flowers).


You will also receive a digital copy of Educator/Parent's Guide with suggested activities and worksheet for young audience to recap your learning experience.


An accessible format that includes Singapore Sign Language interpretation as well as closed captions will be available from November 2021


For payment by e-invoicing (Vendors@Gov), please fill in this booking form and the Malay Heritage Centre will follow up with you.  

For all other payment option such as credit card, please book directly through this website or contact sistic.com.


This programme is eligible for funding under NAC-AEP for Pre-Schools and the Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy. There is a subsidy of up to 50% for eligible schools. Please check the NAC-AEP website for more information. Programme ID: PAP025097


Traditions are stories, values and customs that have passed from one generation to the next. These are important for building cohesive familial relationship and weaving a stronger and closer-knitted community. 

Folktales have always been particularly efficient in sharing values, and for a young audience, we developed a programme that is cognitively and developmentally appropriate to engage their inquisitive young minds. 

Tales of Sang Kancil, produced for the Malay Heritage Centre in collaboration with The Artground and conceptualised by Era Dance Theatre and Maya Dance Theatre is our commitment to develop works with traditional arts masters. This programme aims to create memorable experiences for our young audiences so that we will continue to keep our traditions alive.

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